June 7, 2010 - Those Friends Sure are Hairy!

Before Georgia, before my marriage, before even meeting my husband, I had two babies. They were my own little family and my world. I planned days around them, spent a lot of time with them, doted on them, bought them toys, cuddled with them. And then came the rest of my life and all these years later, those poor fur babies are still probably trying to figure out what the hell happened!

Despite all the life changes through the years though, Georgia has definitely had the biggest impact on my puppies. They no longer have free roam of the house (we try to keep all their fur out of Georgia's area) and their walks and play time, I am sad to say, have taken a sharp and deadly nosedive.

But they do get a new friend out of the deal.

Lovin' on Bacchus.

06.07.10 012

I love her expression when Bailey licked her Daddy's face.

06.07.10 022-2

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