June 21, 2010 - Can You Teach a Baby to Crawl?

It's the one thing we're waiting for in our house right now - when will Georgia crawl? The video camera is on standby for the moment, the house is somewhat baby-proofed, we're keeping the carpets clean. The only thing missing, a mobile baby. Not that I'm completely cheering on the idea because once she starts moving, there will be no stopping her. Gone will be the days of putting Georgia down in one spot and having her still be there minutes later. Of course, that kind of stopped the day she fell off the bed.

Anyway, today her daddy decided he would try to show Georgia how to get up on her hands and knees.

06.21.10 008

Something tells me Georgia's not thrilled with the idea of being coached to crawl. She wants to do it on Georgia time. Maybe Georgia time will give mommy a few more weeks of sanity.

06.21.10 012

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