April 10, 2010 - My Nappers

Naptimes around our house tend to be where ever Georgia falls asleep, typically a lap or the couch. I know this practice will see an end soon as Georgia starts to discover the world is mobile, and so is her little body. She start to prop her shoulders a little bit higher above her hands and pull those adorable knees and feet up under her body, and all the sudden our nap rountines will move to the walled confines of her crib.

But for a little while longer I will relish having her close by as she dreams, her cherubic face and soft breaths just within my sight. Today as Georgia slept, my husband followed her lead and took a nap where ever he fell asleep. It was right on the floor next to our little one.

04.10.10 BLOG

My two favorites, together even in their dreams.

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