April 15, 2010 - Happy 1/2 Birthday... Again.

So if it's just a half birthday, do you just sing half the song? Yes, Georgia turned six months old two days ago, but due to my wacky work schedule, we never got the chance to show her the cake. And there's a beautiful side to this cake.

04.15.10 BLOG1

You see, that beauty lies within my husband. He doesn't let it show all the time that his heart is truly as pure as they come, but sometimes you can't miss it. Sometimes the kindness is as black and white as words on a page, and not only is that book laying wide open on the table, the words are highlighted in fluorescent yellow.

Hence the cake, which my husband picked up while I was at work because he just couldn't stand Georgia not having a cake on her six month old 1/2 birthday. Even if she can't take a single bite of it, who cares? The girl got her cake.

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