April 24, 2010 - You Make My World

She just stares and laughs and watches and giggles. Georgia can't get enough of the mirrors around our house - whether it's just her and her "identical twin" in the kiddie plastic mirror on the floor...

04.24.10 BLOG4

... or whether it's mommy and daughter dancing and making faces in the bathroom mirror. (Darn, I haven't figured out how to take a picture of that one. Darn, darn. And I really wanted to show everyone too).

But as much as Georgia loves to study herself in the mirrors, I know it will never compare to how much and how often I love to just study her, devour every bit of her. No mirror needed. I am just mommy mush when I see her, and just still amazed that she is here and she is mine. How did I get so blessed?

04.24.10 BLOG2

I wonder if there will come a day when her presence no longer amazes me and literally takes my breath from me? Maybe it's just naive new mommy ideals, but I really don't think I'll ever see that day. My daughter fills my sight and she fills my world, and I know she always will. I can't wait to see what I'll see tomorrow and every single day of her life. Georgia is my pair of rose-colored glasses.

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