April 21, 2010 - Stop the Presses...

... she's eating solids! A big food score in our household today. After one cereal, two fruits and a green veggie, Georgia eats solid food on the fifth try. And what else would a little one with the name of Georgia finally decided to eat - SWEET POTATOES! She likes them, she really likes them. See for yourself:

04.21.10 BLOG

As I watched my adorable daughter start to slather herself with the orange wonder starch, I started to wonder if sweet potatoes carry the same slogan as Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo? Are sweet potatoes "tear-free?" I've even resorted to the baby Q-tips to get the stuff out of her nose, but hey, if she's eating it I don't care where she puts it as long as some of it makes it into her mouth. (I feel I will live to regret those words soon, very soon when I'm scrubbing my ceiling)

Thank God for sweet potatoes!

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