April 26, 2010 - A Cold Rain

Georgia hasn't really gotten the chance to experience rain quite yet. The few times we've had a warm rain, I've been a work. And when I'm home, it's been a cold, dreary downpour. But soon the clouds will align just right, and Georgia and I will feel the rain. I wonder if she'll face the sky to feel the drops on her cheeks? Or will she bury her head into the depths of a mommy's protective shoulder?

I love the rain, and the cleansing effect it has on not only the earth around me, but on some days, my outlook on life. It's amazing what a cozy day of water falling, drops splashing, a constant hum on the roof, tiny pings at the windows can do for a mood.

Today, just watching all of it from inside the warmth of our home had to do. It was cold out there. My little beauty kept touching the cold, wet, glass door for a second, and then pulling her hand away. Then repeat.

04.26.10 BLOG

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