April 6, 2010 - A Mommy Miss

My little lovely just won't slow down! She refuses to keep the term "little" associated with her. She's trying to shed it as quickly as we're all shedding our winter coats around Nebraska, packing them up and putting them in a closet with the hopes of forgetting they exist. Look, she's already standing tall (with a little help from the couch).

04.06.10 BLOG1

04.06.10 BLOG2

Her latest brush with growing up today equals a big miss on mommy's part. I'll marinate in my "bad mommy" guilt for a while but will hopefully not reach the point of grilling myself, over and over again.

Today I found out Georgia has cut her first tooth. Not the 'oh I see her gum bulging with the anticipation of delivering a perfectly white tooth' kind. No, it's the 'put your finger in her mouth and you'll get bit by the little spike' kind of tooth. It's already through the gum, and I never even noticed. It would be a little salve for my wounds if it had been my husband or maybe a relative who had noticed, but no, it was Miss Carol at Georgia's daycare. See, "bad mommy" guilt.

My little lovely has been a little out of sorts the past few days, but I just blamed it on the fact I gave her my cold (more guilt). Leave it to my little Georgia to let all that tooth pain add up to barely a whimper in her life. That "little" is turning to "big" in such a rush through life.

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