April 18, 2010 - Play a Tune

I remember as a child sitting at a well-worn organ with my grandmother, testing out my childly, clumsy fingers with tunes like "Three Blind Mice" and "Chopsticks." I was never really any good with those ivory keys, no matter how much she practiced with me, and that's about as far as my musical aspirations went. But I bet my little fumblings also made my mother smile, no matter how much they in tune they sounded to the cat screeching at night.

The other day Georgia tried her hand at the hard-plastic, rainbow-hued piano at her daycare. You know the kind that sits on the floor. She was so in to beating those keys that her teachers shot a few pictures and proudly showed them off to daddy and me. Low and behold, when I get home from work who has her own version of the musical plastic rainbow? Our little maestro of course.

04.18.10 BLOG2

04.18.10 BLOG1

She loves to bang on those keys with all her might, sending high and low pings dancing through our living room. It might bring back memories of some night cat, but those sounds make this momma smile.

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