April 5, 2010 - Just a Spoonful of... Rice?

There are big moments in every life - Sweet 16, high school and college graduations, weddings and who can forget births - but I think in Georgia's life so far, today falls right at the top. Sure, her rolling over was great and still leaves me making goofy noises of encouragement while wearing a humongous grin, but who of us can live without eating? Even if it looks like this:

04.05.10 BLOG1

My little one's first taste of solid, albeit soupy, food. So what did Georgia think of it all? Let's just say she ended up wearing 99% of the white, gruel-like substance on her bib. But she let me put spoonful after spoonful into her little mouth. After all, who doesn't blow bubbles in their food and let it drip down their chin every now and then?

04.05.10 BLOG2

I don't know what it says about this gigantic first today, that when after we were done, Georgia immediately began eating her bib instead of the ever-appetizing rice cereal.

04.05.10 BLOG3

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