April 16, 2010 - Look in the Mirror and Who Do I See...

I love it when toy = score! Georgia's Easter toy, the laughing snail, is getting daily love from my little darling. Even if that love sometimes consists of ten bashes to the head with a tiny fist, complete with fits of giggles.

04.16.10 BLOG1

And the snail gets a kiss, or is she licking it... hard to tell. Baby love either way.

04.16.10 BLOG2

We tend to name all of Georgia's toys with a name that starts with the first letter of what the toy is... I know, not very original. That's what you get from two sleep-deprived parents. We have Octavius the Octopus, Winston the Whale, Pixie the Panda... you get the sappy idea. Hmmm... what are we going to call the snail?

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