April 27, 2010 - Where Did Those Brain Cells Go?

During my pregnancy, I remember reading all about "pregnancy brain." We all know what I'm talking about, the "where are my keys, I've been looking for them for five minutes, oh they're in my hand" or the "gosh, I know I'm in my car driving for a reason, but where the heck was I going?" or the "what's my name again?" I actually recall something that talked about a woman having less brain cells for some reason or another when she's pregnant. Don't know if that's true, but I could certainly buy that.

My question is, now that I'm no longer pregnant, why am I still so forgetful? Today really drove home just how many brain cells my little lovely might have stolen from me.

Enter the breast pump:

04.27.10 BLOG

Sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, I turn on the pump. Thirty seconds later, my leg starts feeling warm, then wet. Literally 30 seconds later, my brain finally processes something's not right with the pump. Is there a small leak? I look down, my leg getting warmer and wetter by the second. Oh no, I completely forgot to attach a bottle to the pump, so I'm pumping breast milk straight onto my leg. Oh goody! Is Babies 'R Us running a special on mommy brain cells this week? Oh please tell me they are.

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