April 8, 2010 - Teeth Relief

Oh my daughter, watching your pain take you to a world of miserable just steals my heart and bashes it up against a jagged rock. That fussy cry that almost no amount of kisses can soothe. The pain-induced whine even you don't truly understand, while I grasp for the answer to make it go away and return a smile to your face. Oh my little love, how I wish I could lift your burden that seems to encompass your world and carry it as my own. I ache to soothe your pain.

04.08.10 BLOG1

But then a little smile, eyes thrown to the side as if making sure I caught this brief bought of happiness. With Georgia's bottom two teeth coming in, her usual unstoppable smile isn't quite as fluid these days. It has found its kryptonite. But she bounces from one mood to the next - happiness to tears, smile to pain - like life is full of cloud-like trampolines. She's not a fan of store-bought teethers to quell the throbbing of her gums but is more than satisfied with her thumb or the softness of a blanket.

And when mommy's heart is breaking for you, anything is forgiven and forgotten almost in the same breathe they happen. Like when you grab ahold of mommy's necklace as she gets ready for work and pull until it snaps, letting it fall into your lap, the prized toy of persistence.

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