April 12, 2010 - Loving the Grassy Feel

I guess after a short lifetime spent indoors hiding from a frigid Nebraska winter, this shouldn't surprise me, but Georgia is just fascinated with the feel of grass. Today we headed back out to my beloved garden for some more tidying. I laid a blanket on the shady grass for Georgia to lay on, but it seems the only blanket she wanted was a grassy one. She kept moving her feet or the blanket or both until her feet were sitting in the grass, and then she just kept wiggling her footsies to get a good feel of the blades below.

04.12.10 BLOG1

And there in her floppy, flowered sun hat, we just watched the sky to see just how blue it could blush.

04.12.10 BLOG2

We also tried a new food today - bananas. Exact opposite reaction of what I expected - she hated them. Spit them out just as quickly as that nasty rice cereal. Do I have a picky eater on my hands?

04.12.10 BLOG3

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