April 4, 2010 - Eggs & Bunnies & Lots of Chocolate!

I woke up with the excitement I haven't felt in longer than I would like to say - anticipation of the day, giddiness for what I knew was to come, impatience to begin the hunt for colorful, oval spheres. It's Easter!

Georgia woke up with a body-shaking, mom-terrorizing cough. Oh yes, she caught my entire cold. It had looked hopeful she would skip the cough part of it. But she's a trooper. She doesn't let a flow of snot from her nose to her mouth or a cough that temporarily disrupts our house stop her from plastering her face with a smile and looking for the fun around every second.

04.04.10 BLOG6

Late last night when I swear I had a fluffy, white tail, I boiled a dozen plain, white eggs...

04.04.10 BLOG2

... which this morning became a little more peacock-like in nature.

04.04.10 BLOG5

04.04.10 BLOG3

How quickly can a little bit of vinegar and dye and a little one nearby take you back to the years of pigtails and ponies?

04.04.10 BLOG4

And Georgia found her basket, with some daddy help. It was hiding in the clothes dryer. A basket which, of course, held her own little bunny.

04.04.10 BLOG1


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