April 13, 2010 - Half a Year

I blinked. I swear my eyes only fluttered shut for a fraction of a second, barely long enough for my lashes to brush one another. I blinked and in that fraction of a second months passed, and when I opened my eyes once more a little one six months of age was staring back at me. I saw myself in her eyes.

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Is it possible? Could six months have really passed by? I know it was just a moment ago that her smells were foreign to me, that I watched in a mixture of horror and amazement as a blackened lump fell to reveal a belly button, that teeny tiny feet wouldn't fill the smallest of socks and a miniature little body was swallowed up by the tiniest of clothes.

04.13.10 BLOG6

My baby darling turned six months old today. Happy 1/2 birthday my precious. You are so beautiful and so charming and so delicious. You have made these last six months the most cherished six months of your mommy's and daddy's lives.

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