April 19, 2010 - 6 Month Check-up

Our day started with questions and ended with answers.

I've had a list up on the fridge for about two weeks now, jotting down little reminders as questions arise. "Solids" and "weight" were scribbled there, as were "belly button" and "hits head." And this afternoon we headed to the pedi's office for Georgia's six month check up, and that list came along to get my questions/concerns answered.

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16.75 pounds. 27.25 inches long. All skills and learning right on track. Georgia is a healthy little girl, even if she is refusing to eat her solids. Maybe that's one reason why her weight dropped from the 75 percentile to the 57 percentile. So her doctor wants her to eat more. Hello, have you met my daughter's adorably chunky legs, her Buddha belly and her lack-of-wrists chunky arms? If not, let me introduce you. I think those are all signs of a perfectly healthy, happy baby whose weight is just fine.

The highlight of the doctor's visit though was when it came time for Georgia's shots. No, I'm not some sadistic kind of mother. Trust me, I've been dreading these shots since at least last week. No, what was so great is that nurse stuck those two needles into those chunky little legs and... nothing. No tears!!! In fact, Georgia was laughing at the nurse a minute later as if to say, what that's all you've got? Or maybe it was the cute Scobby Do band-aids.

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And although I had many of my questions answered at the doctor's office today, that's not where my "answers" of the day came from. Instead, I found the here:

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A tranquil walk through the neighborhood this evening with my two favorites. Watching the utter fascination cross Georgia's face at the sight of all things simple - a tree, a cloud, the sky, a house, another child - I felt rounded, warm and whole. It's my answer of why we do all we do - make time in our day for pedi appointments and head in with list in hand, wrestle drippy, pureed foods into a resistant mouth, learn a new vocabulary with words like poopy, daycare, breast pump and onsies, give up a "me" room in exchange for a nursery. All my answers are right there, wrapped up in a little, chunky-legged bundle who is growing up so fast she didn't just sit in the playground swing today, she actually let us give her a push.

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