August 10, 2010 - Oh the Poop of It!

So this morning was going well. Georgia was in a good mood, and I was amazingly on schedule to get Georgia ready for daycare and me ready for work. Oh, I should have seen this as an ominous dark cloud on my little morning's horizon.

As I walked to my bedroom to pick out a suit for the day, I could see my lovely little down the hall, playing peacefully in the living room. She was so adorable, just entertaining herself. I kept peeking down the hall, making sure she was safe and content in her little world - her happy world of toys and songs and smiles and love. Oh look, she's crawling toward me. How cute, she misses her mommy and ... oh, what's that? There's something behind her. Something... what, I must take a look.... OH MY GOD!! Holy terror of poop is raining down on that peaceful little world. Where my lovely little once sat, now rests a giant pool of poop, and she's crawling toward me, bringing remnants of that poop pool with her. Iccckkkk!!!

08.10.10 010

Work suit already long forgotten, I scoop Georgia up before she can re-color our light beige carpet any more. How on earth did that leak out... oh, yeah... I see it... right out her leg, and down her leg. Ugh.

First things first - clean diaper. I undo the hole-terror-of-poop diaper, and it lives up to its name. Oh. My. God. What did this child eat?!?!? I go for a diaper wipe and... NOOOOOO! Oh, but yes.

08.10.10 003

The wipe box is empty, and I'm staring at a six or seven wiper, minimum. What to do, what to do. The extra wipes are allllllll the way down the hall in Georgia's nursery. I can't leave her here, she's covered in her own feces and will just proceed to cover the rest of the living room in it too. So I pick up this completely naked, poop covered child under her arms... hold her at arm's length... and run down the hall. Funny, she finds this funny and laughs the whole way.

I open her diaper drawer with my foot, and yeah, it's the top drawer of three... grab the wipes and run back down the hall. Thank goodness the poop stuck to the baby (it's not often I say that).

I'm not only buying stock in Shout, but Resolve carpet cleaner too. Ugh.

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