July 28, 2010 - Surprising Little Helpers

My what things I will look upon with a kind glance as I go through life now with a little one who has an attention span shorter than an inch worm's stride. As long as something passes the it's-not-dangerous test, I'm more than happy to let Georgia play with it as long as her focus will hold out. And it seems, the odder the object and the less like a "real toy" it is, the longer she wants to play with it.

Today, this was my helper.

07.28.10 007

Yeah, don't even know what it is, do you? I wouldn't either if it weren't in my house. It's the bottom part of what once was a very baby-unsafe window blinds pull. The rope thing that opened and closed the blinds (and in its spare time could strangle small children) was attached to this plastic thing screwed into our wall.

The rope thing has been gone before Georgia was born, and fittingly, this whatchamacallit entertained Georgia today while I put up a new, baby-proof set of window blinds.

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