July 27, 2010 - Monster Ear... Grrrr!!!!

The bad, crackly sound effects from a 1950 monster movie come to mind. Hands up, eyes bulging, mouth roaring and that weird monster walk that is almost more like a jilted sway from side to side with some forward motion thrown in. And give it a name like the "Evil Ear."

07.27.10 001

Yeah, I know, doesn't look too sinister does it? But this ear... well mom always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Hmmmm....

Not only is the ear that dared get an ear infection and cause my baby pain, but now that she has the hives, this ear has taken it upon itself to become one gigantic freakin hive! And it's the only place on her entire body that truly seems to itch. Before I got the Benadryl in her, my little lovely scratched it so much she drew blood. ::gasp::

See, evil ear. Now it just needs a cheesy screen play and soundtrack.

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