July 4, 2010 - Um, Who Ordered the Rain?

Happy belated 4th of July to each and every one of you.

I was so excited, and still am, that the 4th just happened to fall on my normal day off. In my business, you don't get holidays off, you just get a bigger paycheck for them. But it's Georgia's first Independence Day, and I get to spend it with her!! But guess what else decided to fall on my day off, literally? Rain, and a lot of it! Darn it.

07.04.10 015

So maybe our 4th won't be filled with fireworks and sparklers and steaks on the grill. That's OK, I still have my favorite little firecracker here with me!

07.04.10 078

So our day of celebrating freedom called for, ironically, the dry confines of our home. So we had a little playtime..

07.04.10 028

07.04.10 071

... and watched Georgia pull herself into the I'm-thinking-of-crawling position...

07.04.10 023

... and bribed Georgia with toys in attempts to get a first crawl out of her. Sadly, she decided she'd rather play with the carpet...

07.04.10 086

... and danced with a little lovely laughing on our shoulders...

07.04.10 041

Then we noticed something that wasn't forecasted to be. Sunshine. Even that sun found freedom from the clouds on this day. We anxiously peeked out the window and saw this...

07.04.10 116

... and we just had to let the colors fall upon us too. The red hue from the sun, the white of the clouds, the blue of the sky - a glorious way to end the day.

07.04.10 099

But the dark soon doused the fuse of our little firecracker and slumber took over. Then with the popcorn sounds filling up the sky and neighborhood streets, the hubby and I sat on our front steps to watch the light shows. This year though, with the lights of a baby monitor snuggled in my lap.

And our neighbors didn't disappoint.

07.04.10 122

07.04.10 123

07.04.10 140-2

07.04.10 162

Let freedom ring.

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