July 16, 2010 - Forward, Reverse, Forward, Reverse

There's probably a really scientific reason why we don't have long term memory when we're nine months old. Why Georgia won't look back on these days one day and remember every detail... or even any detail. But I think another reason must be that we can't let these frustrations follow us the rest of our lives. Being a baby is so darn frustrating. I mean, you don't know ANYTHING, and learning everything takes a lot of practice, mistakes and sometimes screaming. (yes, my little angel screams)

This is Georgia trying to crawl:

07.16.10 020

Of course, she's trying to crawl forward to get to whatever thing is holding her attention for the moment.

07.16.10 023

But my little lovely seems to have her gearshift stuck in reverse, because every time she tries to go forward, she's goes backwards.

07.16.10 029

Oh, and it makes her so angry, over and over and over again. Poor girl backed herself right into the coffee table.

Good thing she won't remember all this in 10 years. Imagine that therapy bill!

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