July 17, 2010 - To Hold or Not to Hold?

Georgia really won't take a bottle from me. I mean, she'll do it if she's starving and that's all I'm offering, but she'll let me know she's not happy. When it comes to mommy, bottles don't cut it, she wants another "B" word.

However, since my husband lacks those of course, it's all bottles when Georgia gets hungry, and he has been on a mission to get her to hold her own bottle. I don't really understand why, but perhaps that's because I don't do the whole "bottle thing." And Georgia, well she'll hold her bottle, just not up to her mouth.

07.17.10 004

07.17.10 012

No bottle here, I just thought she looked cute. Then again, when don't I?

07.17.10 021-2

Jana  – (August 7, 2010 at 3:22 PM)  

gracious girl your story is beautiful, im smitten with your amazing photography and that sweet little girl of yours.

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