July 14, 2010 - Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

You know how that song goes... helps the medicine go down.

07.14.10 005

Georgia is just finishing up 10 more days of a stronger antibiotic than the Amoxicillian she was on a couple of weeks ago. And this stuff smelled so good... like Pina Colada! I don't remember medicine smelling and tasting so good when I was a kid. And wait a minute, should I be worried it smells like an alcoholic drink? What a flavor to pick for a child. And no, this alcohol-deprived mommy did not pick it... but if they had had a pinot noir flavor... well, I couldn't say who would have picked (and drank) that one. "Yeah, just give us the flavor on the side, yeah, I'll add it to her medicine at home. Of course I will." ::wink, wink::

So why are we finishing a SECOND round of antibiotics? That cough that I mentioned before that would not go away. But it's now gone. We need to put a cape on this Cefdinir stuff. Also, Georgia was diagnosed with a mild ear infection in her left ear. She's been less fussy, so hopefully that was knocked out as well. Poor little kid. Let's hope daycare learns to keep it's colds to itself.

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