June 28, 2010 - Take Me Out Without Baby...

Mommy's night was filled with the hum of the crowds, the cheers of fanatic fans, the smell of hot dogs mixed with sunblock and bug spray, the crack of bats, the drone and elation of the announcer and the eruption of colors and signs and mascots and good luck charms. I spent the night with my father at the Men's Baseball College World Series.

CWS 2010 033

What you might ask does a baseball game have to do with my little lovely? Just a little regaining of the sanity lost since said little lovely brought joy, happiness, love and a little craziness into my life. It's my first night out without her since her birth that didn't require a trip to work.

CWS 2010 014

CWS 2010 017

Thanks to the wonderful hubby for staying home with Georgia. And thank you for a night without cries and diapers and feedings and onsies and oatmeal and runny noses and fussies and bedtimes. Not that I don't love all those things (yes, love) and the daughter that makes them all possible. Of course I do! But it's nice sometimes to take a deep breath and go "ahhhhhhh," even if it is while dodging foul balls.

CWS 2010 023

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