July 23, 2010 - Found Her in the Avocado

More attempts with finger foods today and more BIG FAT FAILS! Really, who knew it was this hard to learn to eat. Isn't there supposed to be some primal instinct in us that just says "there is food... eat!"? Or some kind of eat or die survival thing? You don't see baby animals in the wild not eating their food because they know what happens if they don't!

Not, of course, that anything like that will ever happen to my little lovely. One of the perks of being a human I guess. And I guess she's knows it, that she can take as long as her little heart desires to start eating finger foods. In the meantime, we slaves... ahem, I mean parents... will just keep making bottles and making milk and spooning in purees.

But perhaps she working really hard at getting this finger food thing down, perhaps I'm just not seeing the "big" picture. Because when she was "practicing" with her finger foods next to me today as I washed bottles, when things got quiet I turned around to find this:

07.23.10 005

07.23.10 004

Those cheese pieces and avocado chunks just tuckered her little self right out.

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