July 19, 2010 - You Take Your Fingers and.... No Thanks.

Gulp. Has it really come to this? Well of course it has, I just talked about the actual milestone almost a week ago. Today was Georgia's nine month check up. She weighs 19.3 ounces! So that's why my back has been hurting lately... sheesh. Baby + baby carrier = too much weight for mama. (and don't laugh, yes, we're still using the baby carrier. I mean, come on, what do you expect from someone who's still using the co-sleeper? I hang on to things too long... and I ain't going to change!)

I also had to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out a development questionnaire. Really, enough questions for 10 minutes of my time? Oh course, between feedings and naps and "why aren't you crawling" time and fighting the feeding and washing bottles and (we'll just put "unending list" here), I was not 10 minutes early but only three. So in addition to lugging a heavy baby in a heavy carrier along with a heavy purse into an exam room, I got to add long questionnaire on a clipboard to my overburdened arms.

But yeah, I was able to answer every question with a "yes," which is a good thing. It means my little lovely is, well, perfect. Duh! I didn't need a five-page questionnaire to tell me that.

Along with the measurements and the exam and the questionnaire and the shots at the nine month visit, also comes another push from my daughter's pediatrician. Yeah, I need the pushes, otherwise I might try to keep Georgia a newborn until puberty. Awwwkwardddd! Purees are no longer enough of an enticement to try to steal my little from my bosom, Georgia must now starting eating finger foods. Fine.

07.19.10 025

There, some of those puff things I hear moms raving about their kids loving. OK, this must include all kids except Georgia.

I mean, they make great toys. Fun to grab at...

07.19.10 020

And they stick to everything...

07.19.10 002

But alas, none were found sticking to her tongue or the insides of her belly. Although I hear there's a great home for puffs on the side of Georgia's leg.

07.19.10 039

Finger foods day one = a big, fat fail. Five page questionnaire though... ding, ding, ding... we have a winner!!!

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