July 5, 2010 - Growing Baby = More Shopping!

Today, I have been up to my elbows in a large cardboard box and metal parts, I have been measuring and cutting foam to just the right size, I have had double-stick tape stuck everywhere it should not be and I have spent A LOT of money.

Georgia is growing up. It seems the more she grows, the more money mommy and daddy spend. Also, the more stuff our house fills with. I see this continuing for the next 17+ years.

After going through 100's of reviews, consulting with my sister, weeks of back and forth and four trips to various baby stores - Georgia finally has a high chair. I know, the kid has been eating solids for almost three months, but.... OK I have no real excuse.

07.05.10 001

07.05.10 004

And that double stick tape was not for the high chair, promise. That would be a disaster. No, it was to spruce up our coffee table, side table and TV console, with the promise of more to come. Oh yeah, I think it really adds to the look. Nothing says fashionable like brown foam taped to your furniture.

07.05.10 026

Cute thing is, if I would have left it up to my husband, we would have spent $200 to $300 on baby-proofing foam at Babies 'R Us and covered the entire house. I think even the dogs would not have been safe. He's the best daddy!

07.05.10 018

At least it beats band-aids on Georgia's forehead, or whatever other body part she might have wacked on the corners and sharp edges.

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