July 10, 2010 - That Rainy Cloud Over My Head!

We all have bumps in the road, don't we? Days where no matter how happy life is, we still scowl at every word, every thought, every cup of coffee (crazy, I know) and even others smiles. Days where we are quite jiving with our spouse and everything is taken the wrong way and with a dose of bitterness. Days where, dare I say it, I was actually happy to stomp off to work today.

Oh yeah, I'm having one of those days. It actually started last night when I stumbled in exhausted from work at 11 p.m., only to be greeted by a humongous empty high chair box blocking the bottom of the stairs to keep the dogs in their room. Funny, when I left there was a baby gate there. So while balancing a make-up box (a work necessity), a large purse, the day's mail, a breast pump backpack and the remnants of my lunch - I attempted to push the box aside whereas I typically just step over the gate. Grrrr, what the hell happened to our gate? Oh, there it is, at the top of the stairs. Fabulous! No stepping over it from this angle and it's not attached so no swinging it open either. More grrrr...

I see the hubby had decided to move the baby gate in anticipation of Georgia's growing ability to move. Fabulous idea, kind of, just wish I'd had some advance notice, possibly -ahem- discussion? But yes, it started with something this simple and just grew and grew and grew.

So today, I dressed Georgia in this:

07.10.10 006

... because sometimes we just all need a little smile, even if it is just on the front of a baby's onsie. And despite the Snoopy-esque rain cloud following me around today, my little lovely can still make me smile.

07.10.10 013

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