July 6, 2010 - You Want Me to Sit in What?!?!

So if you read yesterday's post, you know we FINALLY took the leap off the baby-feeding cliff and bought Georgia a high chair. Today, we used said high chair for the first time.

Wrestling with unadjusted 5-point straps and a "not so sure what the heck this thing is" baby is not my idea of a fun time. Stick me with hot pokers and hey, at the right moment you might get a laugh - not here though. But after a little maneuvering, some juggling and some good old-fashioned begging, Georgia was successfully in the high chair. Is that a "not so sure what the heck this thing is" look or what?

07.06.10 001

And why do little baby bodies always go stiff when they're not sure about something. I promise though, it wasn't stiff with fear... just uncertainty.

07.06.10 004

Dun, dun, dun... ready for the actual purpose of all of this madness - lunch time!

07.06.10 003

Nothing like a little apples and oatmeal in the belly to make baby and chair fast friends. OK, maybe luke-warm friends, but we have a lot more apples where those came from to work on it.

07.06.10 006

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