July 3, 2010 - When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

It seems like several of my posts now take place in the lazy shade, sitting on the not-so-recently cut grass that pokes up in all sizes and the "outdoor" baby blanket with dried bits of grass for decoration. Toss in two happy-go-lucky puppies always trying to get a kiss in for my little lovely and the bees buzzing and even the occasional mosquito. ::splat::

And so it seems today will be more of our little patch of happiness - our backyard when the sun is at just the right angle for the house to cast a cooling shadow. No matter how gigantic the temper-tantrum or how painful the ear infection (our current life experience), this little patch brings calm and smiles from Georgia as she looks out into the sunshine.

07.01.10 029

07.01.10 020

It's a lovely place, a magical place - even if it is as ordinary as a back yard.

07.01.10 021

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