July 7, 2010 - Strange Desire to Go Bald??

When I was young, maybe nine or 10, I went through a weird phase where I would pull out my hair when I was scared or nervous. I'm not talking a few strands. No, I had a small bald spot in the middle of the back part of my head. Thankfully I had long hair so the bald spot was not noticeable. Weird, huh? I'm glad that habit didn't last long, otherwise I think my chosen career would have been a little awkward.

"So, you're a bald news anchor, huh? A female, bald news anchor. Yeah, I think we are going to go in a different direction and hire someone else."

Yeah, it wouldn't have worked out too well for me. Why I digress with this odd story you ask? Not that it's much the same, except there's hair involved, but Georgia's latest "new thing" is tugging and pulling her own hair.

07.04.10 030

She still prefers to pull my hair like she's done since she figured out how to move those little hands. Yes, she tries to make her own bald spots on my head. And I'm 100% sure this is just another passing thing, something new she's learned. "Oh look, I can pull my hair... and it hurts." Phase over.

But she is darn cute when she reaching and pretzel-bending, trying to reach some part of her head to tug on a handful of hair. Is there anything a baby does that can't somehow be looked at in an adorable fashion?

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