August 16, 2010 - Chores Already?!?!


Georgia decided to help with her laundry today. She kindly sat on the floor in the middle of her clean clothes... perhaps preparing to fold them.

08.16.10 006

Hmmm... maybe we'll start with this pink onsie.

08.16.10 010

Nah, it's much more fun to throw clothes from one spot to the next than fold them. Who needs order?

08.16.10 028

Perhaps dishes are more her thing. The dishwasher was in need of loading. But first, let's check out the detergent dispenser. (umm, yes, those are gigantic chunks of chocolate cupcake stuck to her chin. Hey, I never said she was the cleanest of helpers)

08.16.10 038

Then... "oh, I think I see some chocolate left on this beater! I must take it out for a closer look." I guess the entire idea of a dishwasher still escapes my little lovely.

08.16.10 048

As does the term "dirty" dishes, as Georgia proceeds to stick said beater into her mouth, left over dried chocolate and all.

08.16.10 052

I think my kitchen was dirtier after her "help"...

08.16.10 057

But oh how she had fun helping.

08.16.10 061

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