August 15, 2010 - She is My Muse

Have you noticed I LOVE taking pictures of my lovely little? I can't help it. When she's around (which is almost always), my hands are just drawn to my camera as if I had two big magnets at the ends of my arms and my camera was all metal. I HAVE to take pictures of her.

A walk around a lake near our house today was no exception.

08.15.10 040

My husband pushes the stroller, and I'm the crazy mom with the camera in my hands. I wonder what the bicyclists, walkers and joggers must think as they pass by this woman splayed out on the sidewalk or lying in the grass or walking backwards with my head down at Georgia's level and my butt up in the air?

08.15.10 013

They probably think I'm crazy, but I don't care. Look at what my efforts pay me with at the end of the day.

08.15.10 017

And my daughter inspires me to see so much more in the world around me.

The vibrancy of a flower (and that awesome bokeh!)...

08.15.10 055

The way the sun shines down upon everything, illuminating...

08.15.10 020

Even the way a decades-old tree stretches to the sky and touches the heavens. My husband walks Georgia over here often and says this is his and Georgia's favorite tree.

08.15.10 065-2

My muse gives me the strength of this tree every day and opens my eyes to the beauty of it and everything around it. May I be blessed with its long life as well, to spend many days with my muse (and her daddy).

I love my little family.

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