August 17, 2010 - Bad Note From the Teacher

And so it begins. At 10 months old, Georgia has received her first bad note from school. Really? Are you kidding me? OK, I guess it's not a "bad note" per say, because she's 10 months and doesn't understand good versus bad. It's an "incident" report, and it says Georgia bit another child.

08.17.10 016

So her teacher thought, "oh cute, Georgia is going to kiss that other little girl on the forehead." Yeah... no. Georgia chomped down on that little girl's forehead with all eight of those shiny little teeth she possesses. Yep.

And did it leave a mark? Of course it left a mark. The little girl had welts on her forehead. Still had red marks three days later. Oh, and might I add the little girl can't crawl yet, she's helpless. And get this... she was strapped into a chair at the time. OK, is it wrong that I just laughed a little bit when I typed that? (OK, a lot). My child attacked a helpless, immobile child strapped into a chair!!!

OK, attack is a little harsh. I'm sure Georgia had no idea what she was doing. She just wanted to see what those teeth could do. Still, I felt the incident warranted an "I'm sorry" card...

08.17.10 013

... a little wrapping paper...

08.17.10 003

... and a gift.

08.17.10 008

Now this little girl can think of Georgia every time she hears the music from her new toy. Goodness, that might mean years of therapy down the road.

My little terror.

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