August 7, 2010 - Did You Hear That? It's... Silence.

Silence. What a blessed word. I never realized the pure beauty of pure silence. I wish I had made better friends with it back in my pre-baby days, back when silence and I could have spent hours... no DAYS together. Oh what a time we would have had. Lately though, we haven't been on speaking terms. Or wait, if that's the case there would be silence, right? And there's been anything but. So I don't know what terms we've been on then, but they haven't been good.

And I'm not just talking during the day. No... night times too. But then, this small miracle happened. Wait... did I say small? This HUMONGOUS, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS thing happened and the result - silence and I are like this ::crosses finger::

So what you might ask could have brought such beauty, such sanity back into my life?


OK, yes, she is nine and a half months old. And yeah, last night was the first time she slept in her crib at night. Don't look at me like that! We tried the night before, but... well, mommy caved.

08.07.10 005

And let me tell you folks, I had been dreading this night. Like I don't want to go to bed because there's a monster under there and he's going to rip me to shreds kind of dreading. No really, D.R.E.A.D.I.N.G!!! First I debated sleeping on the floor next to Georgia's crib. Then I thought I'd wake up every half hour to go and check on her. Then I swore she'd stop breathing if she wasn't sleeping two feet away from me. Then I think I even thought that monster might eat her.

08.07.10 020

08.07.10 015

Oh, but let me tell you. Last night, I slept like a... baby. C'mon, I had to use that line. But really? I slept better than a baby. I slept like a mother who hasn't had a solid night of sleep since her first trimester of pregnancy. That's like 16 months people... almost a year and a half!!!! I forgot sleep could be so good. Better than sex (OK, several of my family members just grimaced, but sheesh, I have a kid - cat's out of the bag).

And you know what? She's in her crib right now... and I'm hoping we go for night two. Mama needs to catch up on a lot of lost sleep!

08.07.10 037

Ashley Sisk  – (August 13, 2010 at 4:05 PM)  

I know that I just commented on your table but I think I'm going to open it up to...I love your style. Love the crib and I always love your photography processing. Glad that Georgia is sleeping in her own bed. :)

Jaime  – (August 14, 2010 at 12:42 AM)  

Thank you Ashley! I searched high and low for a crib I liked. And as you read, I too am loving that Georgia is sleeping in her own bed. Better yet, it means my husband's taking every other night/morning on baby duty and tonight is his night!! So I'm sitting here enjoying my first glass of wine in.... my goodness I lost count. A lot of months. Yeah!!!

Jill  – (August 14, 2010 at 10:24 AM)  

What great pictures! My babies both slept in my bed until they were over a year, so I know your pain. It was a wonderful bonding experiences I had with both of them, but it was also great when they moved out of my room! Enjoy your sleep!

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