August 2, 2010 - Making a Cage for Baby

Yep... a cage. Not sure if I want to use it yet, but that crib gathering dust in Georgia's nursery is getting lowered. Not like it was ever used on the high setting. Georgia has played in it, but slept. Nah.

But now that she is mobile and pulling herself up, that co-sleeper next to my side of the bed is getting more unsafe. So the crib (cage) is looming in our near future. Near... not now. Still, my husband wanted to lower it and we're humoring him. You know, get it ready for that day Georgia and I hope never comes.

08.02.10 038

So we took the crib apart, my how much fun that is, and put it on its lowest setting.

08.02.10 041

08.02.10 027

Already looks like a cage, doesn't it my lovely little?

08.02.10 031

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