August 9, 2010 - Give Momma a Drink!

I remember having these grandiose ideas of how I would decorate Georgia's nursery, what I would hang from the walls and the ceiling and what would sit on her shelves. Problem is, I made the mistake of not getting it all done before she arrived. And now that she's here, well let's just say I don't have the time and money to fulfill all of my original plans.

But today, I started on one of the projects:

08.09.10 006

Wooden letters that spell "Georgia" covered with different scrapbook paper designs. But now I can't decide if I want to do the covered wooden letters or something more like this. It would basically be the letters I've already cut out to cover the wooden letters, but just attached to a ribbon instead. Hmmm... I'm horrible at decisions. I hope Georgia does not get my indecisiveness.

So in the meantime, I'll just keep cutting.

08.09.10 013

Maybe something that could help me make up my mind would be a little drink. Watch out, momma's going for the alcohol!!! Now that Georgia is in the crib and my husband is taking some of the nights (thank the Lord, HALLELUJAH), I can actually partake in one (or two) adult beverages on the nights I don't have to worry about waking up to nurse my little lovely. Tonight is one of those nights.

Sadly though, this is all we have in our fridge (I didn't prepare well):

08.09.10 038

It's left over from when my father visited in June. My husband and I are what I would call beer snobs (I'm sure he'd have a different term), and high production domestic beers do not make our cut. Honestly, I think they're pretty gross but when a baby has kept you from drinking for 20 months, even this looks yummy.

08.09.10 029

Ashley Sisk  – (August 15, 2010 at 5:29 PM)  

LOL - well the pictures look fun.

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