August 24, 2010 - Can a Girl Pack for Vacation?

We are days away from our first vacation as a family. Yeah!... and GULP. I'm very excited and a little nervous. Six-plus hours of traveling which includes two flights and a layover... a little scary. Six days in a cabin on a lake in upstate New York surrounded by family... ahhh, relaxation. Well, as relaxing as 27 family members can be.

So I'm starting my packing a little early. Everyone talks about how much stuff you end up lugging along when you travel with a young child. I pulled out the big suitcase.

08.24.10 018

And I started with Georgia's clothes. Onsies, dresses, swim suits and blankets - all folded and into the suitcase. That is, until Georgia cruised on by and decided those were not the outfits she would have chosen.

08.24.10 001

08.24.10 011

Ah, packing with an infant. The challenges are beginning before we even leave.

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